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Unleash Your Inner Warrior with Medieval Axe Throwing in Felixstowe

Welcome to Carbon Steel Axe Throwing, where we transport you back in time to experience the thrill of axe throwing in a medieval and Viking-inspired setting. Our unique axe-throwing experience in Felixstowe will put you right in the shoes of a Viking warrior, where you can dress, drink, and throw axes like a true Viking.

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Dive into the Medieval Atmosphere

Step into our medieval-themed facility in Felixstowe, where the ambience itself takes you back to a time of knights, warriors, and legendary battles. Our venue is carefully designed with wooden structures, torches, and medieval artefacts to immerse you in the atmosphere of a bygone era. Whether you're a history enthusiast or simply looking for exciting things to do in Felixstowe, our medieval axe throwing experience is the perfect activity for you!

Learn the Art of Throwing Like a Viking

Under the guidance of our skilled instructors, you'll not only learn proper axe-throwing techniques but also discover the rich history of Vikings and their connection to this thrilling sport. Axe throwing was a vital skill for the Vikings, used both in battle and as a form of competition among warriors.


For these seafaring warriors, axe throwing wasn't merely a sport; it was a vital aspect of their lifestyle and a testament to their prowess in battle. Axes served as versatile weapons in their arsenal, offering both melee and ranged capabilities. Masters of innovation, the Vikings developed various throwing techniques, showcasing their adaptability and strategic brilliance on the battlefield. Embrace the spirit of these ancient warriors as you perfect your aim and release your inner Viking.

Exciting Felixstowe Attraction: An Axe Throwing Adventure

Looking for exciting Felixstowe attractions? Our axe throwing experience is the perfect choice for individuals, families, and groups of friends. Axe throwing is not only a fantastic way to have fun, but it also promotes teamwork, coordination, and friendly competition. Challenge your friends to see who can hit the bullseye with precision and skill. It's an unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting to come back again and again!

Felixstowe's Ultimate Date Idea

Looking to spice up your date night in Felixstowe? Our mediaeval-themed axe throwing experience is a fantastic date idea! Imagine dressing up in mediaeval attire, enjoying a drink, and engaging in some friendly axe-throwing competition with your significant other. It's a memorable and adventurous date idea that will surely leave a lasting impression.

 Book Your Mediaeval Axe Throwing Experience in Felixstowe Today

Ready to unleash your inner warrior? Book your mediaeval axe throwing experience in Felixstowe now to travel through time and become a fearless and skilled warrior. Whether you're a local or a visitor looking for exciting things to do in Felixstowe, our unique blend of history, skill, and entertainment awaits you at Carbon Steel Axe Throwing. Join us, embrace the Viking spirit, and let the axes fly!


Location: Beach Street, Micklegate Rd, Felixstowe IP11 2GN

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