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Visit Beach Street in Felixstowe

At Carbon Steel Axe Throwing, the thrill of hurling axes meets the vibrant atmosphere of Beach Street in Felixstowe. Nestled in the heart of this bustling locale, our axe throwing spot isn't just about the adrenaline rush—it's a gateway to a day filled with socialising and excitement.

Beyond the entertainment of hurling axes, we're surrounded by an array of offerings that make Beach Street a notorious hotspot. Hungry after a round of throws? This location boasts a plethora of culinary delights, catering to every palate. The local Felixstowe restaurants feature anything from American-inspired pizzas and burgers to authentic Latin food, meaning there's an option for everyone, including children!

For those interested in finishing off the axe throwing experience with a beverage, the bars here are aplenty, serving up refreshing wines and beers. Whether you're celebrating a bullseye or winding down, there's something for every vibe. 


Amusement Arcade and Crazy Golf are additional Felixstowe attractions, adding more layers of fun to your day. With an abundance of activities and food vendors surrounding our axe throwing facility, we can ensure a fun-packed day out for all involved. 

Explore an abundance of shops catering to diverse interests, from trendy clothes to charming homeware. There's no shortage of retail therapy here.


Situated directly across from Felixstowe Beach, a mere 50 meters away, you can seamlessly blend your visit to Carbon Steel Axe Throwing with a leisurely stroll along the promenade or a relaxed beach day, making it an ideal day out for families, friends, and solo adventurers alike. 

Visit Carbon Steel Axe Throwing Today!

Our spot on Beach Street in Felixstowe is a hub of diverse activities for all age ranges! So, whether you're aiming for the bullseye or eager to soak in the vibrant atmosphere of Beach Street, our doors are open, promising an unforgettable day out! And with free on-street parking, convenience is at your fingertips. Book a session with us today! 

Outlets here at --->

There are a great many outlets available at Beach Street Felixstowe. Some are listed below but not all ! There is also an Amusement Arcade, Crazy Golf and the Beach is 50 meters away. Did I mention FREE on street parking too.

Food & drink

Exclusive candy uk
Amazing candy shop
Shore Coffee
Coffee & Cakes
Waffles, crepes, ice cream thick shakes and Toasties
Patty Macs
Burgers, Chicken & fries
Hanks Dirty
Vegan - fries & Kebabs - Plant based
Four Three Pizza
Carnitas Taqueria Mexican food
Mexican - Taco's Hot dogs, chilli, natcho's
Viet Street Food

Viet Street Food Co.

Vietnamese food - Dumplings, rice, noodles
The view smokehouse
Smokehouse - Seafood, smoked meats, full english breakfast

shopping outlets

Berd Manners

Beard care products - Small batch

Puzzle Boutique

Scandi Inspired Fashion, Gift Lifestyle 


Custom Jewellery, scarves etc

Cosy Aromas

Scents, bath bombs, Waxes etc

Bar's - alcohol

Craft Beers - Ales and Spirits

Carnitas Taqueria Mexican food

Mexican Beers & Cocktails


Hazel & Co

Yoga and Wellness studio

Fades barber shop

Barber shop

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