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Rules and safety information

For the protection and saftey of all


Axe’s, whether they are being used to chop wood or for sport should always be considered dangerous. It is of upmost importance that you listen to the safety briefing and adhere to the rules of the range. The axes we provide for our ranges are not sharp to touch but can still cause injury and damage to property. Access to our ranges is dependent on your ability to conduct yourself in a manner fitting with the environment. You must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You must perform that activity in a sensible manner and you must be able to perform the activity safely. You will be briefed on safe handling and technique at the start of your session. 

Be aware of your surroundings

Our venue is made up of a number of lanes and as such there will at times be other people in the range throwing and participating so we ask that you remain vigilant at all times and keep a constant awareness of others who may be around the immediate area. There must Never be any other people between you the thrower and the target. If you see a danger or potential danger you can shout STOP. In the safety briefing at the start of each session the Range instructor will inform you or a number of safety factors. One thing you will be told is that if you hear someone shout STOP! you must immediately cease throwing. It is not just the range instructor that can shout STOP. Every person in the range has the responsibility to highlight a danger if they see one. Remain back behind the RED line when not throwing to keep a safe distance from the thrower. Please remain in the area for your lane only and not stray in to the areas for other lanes.

check your equipment

The range instructor will inspect the axes prior to every session. However we ask you to periodically check the axes during your session for any damage, cracks, burrs etc. If you suspect damage at all please call the range instructor for assistance.

substances - alcohol & drugs 

We strongly recommend that you refrain from drinking alcohol before or during your session. We do not allow alcoholic drinks in the ranges at all. If you are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs and it deemed by the range manager that you are unable to perform the activity safely then you will be refused entry to the range and any monies paid will NOT be refunded. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person at our own discretion. 

Behaviour within and in close proximity to the range

Our staff are full authorised to to issue warnings to any persons not conforming to the range rules and general safety. We operate a 3 strike rule. One warning, second warning then OUT. NOTE that all participants on the same booking as the offending individual will be asked to leave the range. Therefore it is important that you and your fellow participants take responsibility for each other’s actions and behaviour. NO REFUNDS will be given to any person or persons who have been asked to leave the range.


Our range is technically outside so the temperature in the range will be similar to that outside. The range is completely covered so it is protected from raining does remain mostly dry. Please dress appropriately for the weather of that day. It is important to note that closed toe footwear is highly recommended - no sandals, flip-flops or open-toed shoes. Should you wish to perform the activity in anything other than fully closed shoes you will be required to sign a footware disclaimer prior to starting your session.

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